FLUXED - Feature Film


FLUXED - Feature Film - Budget $800,000

GENRE: Dramedy, Action, Thriller - STATUS: First Draft Script Complete.

SYNOPSIS: The lives of several people intertwine in this delusional tale of two unsuspecting young lovers, a dirty cop, his mail order Russian bride, two Goons Gone Bad, a psychopath bi-sexual snuff film director, his midget porno girlfriend, a Don and his Mother, the F.G.N. along with an array of colorful characters meet up under extraordinary circumstances with the Columbian Mafia to exchange a new designer drug.  Everyone seems to be out for themselves and things go horribly wrong. Twisting turning and burning very unexpectedly into a blissful and adventurous journey into catastrophe...

COMPARISONS: Snatch, Pulp Fiction, True Romance, Smoking Aces

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